What the Trustees are looking for

The Trust is interested in forming a supporting relationship with a school and allowing that school to develop as it would wish.

In essence, the Trust wishes to enhance the notion of a whole learning community. The Trust subscribes to the view that there is no rigid separation between what happens in schools and what happens in communities – in many ways it sees school as a vital and integral part of its wider community.

The Trust is keen to support proposals, therefore, which reinforce the notion of linking school and community in a common learning experience. This might well be evidenced by children and adults learning together, or from each other, in a two-way process. The wider community is recognised as being broader than just the parents or relatives of pupils at a school, although it is accepted that children in a school, and their parents or wider family, may provide a sensible focus for many developments.

The Trust will, therefore, be looking for possibilities for such two-way learning processes in projects which they support.

How to Apply for a Grant

The Trust wishes to emphasise that it is not seeking elaborate proposals; normally a simple letter or email is perfectly adequate. Projects supported previously have been perfectly well described on one or, at the most two, sides of A4 paper.

Proposals should:-

  • state the name , address, etc. of the school;
  • be made by the Headteacher with the support of staff and governors;
  • describe the nature of the project and its estimated total cost;
  • describe the extent to which School Council members have been or will be involved with the project;
  • specify the resources that are being requested, and for what purpose;
  • confirm that the school is willing to provide short progress reports on a six months’ basis;
  • specify clearly whether the school has been able itself, or with other sponsors, to contribute to the total cost of the project.

To start an application, you must create an account on our website and start your application in the user area.Click here to create an account

What happens next?

The Secretary, on receiving an application, will arrange for the bid to be considered at the next meeting of Trustees (May or November).

Following consideration of the bid by Trustees, the Secretary will write to the school with the Trust’s decision and, if the bid has been successful, provide the name and contact details of the Trust’s Treasurer. The same letter will describe the precise level of funding approved by the Trustees and how to make a claim.

Following receipt of that letter, the school is free to make a claim up to the limit agreed by the Trustees. A cheque, payable usually to the School Fund, will be sent by the Treasurer to the school as quickly as possible following receipt of the claim. Alternatively, a bank transfer can be made if the school provides the Treasurer with:-

  • the name of the School Account
  • the Account number
  • the Branch Sort Code
For Audit reasons, the Treasurer will require details of what the money has been spent on before making a payment but our aim is to keep the bureaucracy to an absolute minimum. Separate claims in any one year are perfectly acceptable if this will help schools manage their school fund cash flow and, wherever possible, invoices and any supporting receipts should be sent.

Level of Funding Available

It is difficult to provide precise guidance on this matter but previous projects have seen commitments from the Trust to a school of around £1,000-£4,000 for each year of the project, subject normally to an upper limit of £15,000.